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Bita Labs
The founder of Bita Labs, Minos (30) gave birth to Frescos, from the creation of the concept, to the art & eventually the utility.
Minos is heavily involved in business, real estate and the hospitality industry since his early years after high school. During that time he studied Business & Economics and later delved into website creation online marketing and operations management.
During the first years of his career he was also involved in the hospitality industry given his families background in it. At the time he worked in operations management, brand marketing, online sales & eventually ended up working as a revenue manager for his families hotels.
As an early investor in cryptocurrencies for the past 10+ years, he was always intrigued about ways to connect real life businesses with the blockchain and once NFTs came about and allowed verification of assets through the blockchain, he started getting heavily involved in the ecosystem and learning how they can be utilised in the real world.
This is what lead him to create Bita Labs and his first experiment blending NFTs with use cases in the real world, Frescos.
His experience and long term belief in the crypto/ NFT space positioned him to explore different possibilities in regards to the bridge of crypto and NFTs to real life.
Mino's work is dedicated to solving complex problems regarding all the verticals Bita Labs explores, with the aim to create sustainable businesses that utilise NFTs in the real world.