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The Art

Frescos NFTs

The Artist

Minos, who is also the founder of Bita Labs, drew all 999 1/1s digitally without layers using Procreate. He then proceeded to animate each painting and connect the animation with the image of the NFT through Augmented Reality. Each NFT has a unique movement that is inspired by that of the sea urchins from his native island in Greece, Crete.


When Minos was a kid growing up in Crete, he used to dive a lot and observe sea creatures. He loved watching the sea urchins and their crazy colours, especially underwater. In July 2021 he started drawing them and was then looking for ways to give movement to his art to resemble that of the sea urchins underwater.
Thats when he discovered that he could animate his paintings and later connect videos of his artwork with his designs through Augmented Reality.
In order to watch the complete painting one would have to download the app Artivive on iOS/ Android and point their camera to the desired NFT.