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Frescos NFTs
The marketing regarding Frescos is separated in different sections, as the approach we take differentiate for each business in real life.
As soon as the platform for our OTA is complete, we can commence marketing the travel agency aspect of the business.
NFT Project Partnerships
We are already in talks to extend some perks to other NFT collections so they can also benefit from our service when booking their holiday accommodations through our platform.
By adding real world value to other NFT collections, we can get exposure to several markets and blockchains at the same time and therefore reach a wider audience.
Travel Agency Expansion
We chose to take things slowly in the beginning due to the manual nature of arranging bookings, but as soon as the platform was complete, we began testing and we will announce the official launch shortly.
We currently have 1 million + established partnerships with hotels and other accommodation, experience, cruises, car rentals & flight providers.
Eventually, we will introduce our iOS & Android app to make navigation easier.

Holder Opportunities

Holders of our NFTs have several opportunities to make the benefits of this collection to work in their favour.
Since the NFT benefits can be used by other people, holders can become travel advisors. This way they can still receive the discount through us and charge what they want to their customers.
As a business we will invoice the final price that the holder will pay.
Example: If a friend of the NFT holder wants to go on a holiday and the holder has a 30 % discount in a specific property, they can give a 15% discount to their friend and earn 15%. This is only one of the examples that this can be used.
The only limitation with this type of deal is that they can only book one holiday at the specified days with one Fresco NFT. This could be very appealing to travel influencers and people with large followings.